Egypt’s New Parliament: The Most Empowered and Diverse in Our History


From October through December at polling stations across the country and abroad, millions of Egyptians exercised their democratic right to vote in Parliamentary elections. With significant participation from women, youth and Christians, Egypt elected the most diverse and empowered Parliament in our history.


The Parliament will be seated with expanded authorities and will derive its power from a progressive new Constitution, which was approved through referendum in January 2014 and marked the first in a series of key milestones in Egypt’s democratic evolution. Parliament’s oversight function and responsibility to determine whether Egypt’s current laws live up to the Constitution – and to craft new laws where they don’t – establishes it as a co-equal political partner with the executive branch.


The newly elected members of Egypt’s House of Representatives will now play a pivotal role in fulfilling the peoples’ desire for equitable prosperity and enduring liberty, stability and social justice.


For additional details on the Parliamentary elections and the role of the Parliament, please see our fact sheet here