President El Sisi Addresses the World Youth Forum

On Saturday, 4 November, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi addressed the World Youth Forum in Sharm El Sheikh.

According to MENA, in his remarks President El Sisi stated that “terrorism violates and ruins humanity.” President El Sisi also “expressed his gratitude for Egyptian youths who tirelessly seek to create a better future” for Egypt.

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Sisi calls for safe world away violence, discrimination

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said on Sunday 5/11/2017 terrorism violates and ruins humanity, stressing that he will list fighting terrorism as one of human rights in Egypt.

We must all take up our historical responsibilities in creating a better vision for tomorrow that includes a safe and stable world whose members live in peace and enjoy freedom of belief and opinion without violence or religious, sectarian, ethnic or sexual discrimination, he said in his address to the World Youth Forum that kicked off earlier in the day.

Sisi welcomed all participating guests who came to beloved Sinai, the land of peace and love, saying he is happy with the big participation of energetic Egyptian youths who came here to have a hand in making their country’s future on the foundations of peace and development.

He expressed his gratitude for Egyptian youths who tirelessly seek to create a better future that will materialize their aspirations and ambitions.

Sisi said Egypt is trying to exercise its historic role in drawing up a vision for peace and stability, adding that it is time to reconsider all theories and visions that led to eruption of wars and conflicts and the spread of terrorism and violence.
President Sisi said the great youths of Egypt managed to impose their will and preserve their identity, civilization and their heritage against those who tried to erase their identity and ruin their civilization.

Those youths managed to defeat radical groups that took the killing and violence as a tool to impose their ideologies which are stained with the blood of innocents, the president said.

Terrorism will not be able to undermine Egyptian youths’ will and dreams even if it killed their innocent bodies, he said.

Those youths are the extension of their ancestors who have fought against every evil facing humanity or seeking to destroy human civilizations.

While fighting terrorism with unbreakable will, Egyptian youths are continuing to build their country and make their present and future.
President Sisi said exchanging views and visions are the key to addressing all challenges besetting the country.

He urged youths to hold dialogue based on sound foundations and away from any form of discrimination, saying God has created us different and this is one of his mercies.

Today’s unique gathering gives us hope that humanity is still capable of holding dialogue and turning the dream of peace into a reality, a dream of a world without refugees, homeless or poor, a world free of discrimination and a world without extremists battling only for destruction, the president said at the end of his speech.