President El Sisi Meets Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Clinton


On the margin of his participation in UNGA, President ElSisi met today with the Democratic Party presidential candidate Secretary Hillary Clinton. The historic and strategic relations between Egypt and the United States was highlighted, and both parties agreed on the need to set the foundation for a new impetus in the relations for the benefit of both the Egyptian and American peoples, and enhancing stability and security in the Middle East.

President ElSisi provided the US presidential candidate with a full perspective of the developments occurring in Egypt on the political, economic and social fronts, including the successful completion of the political Road Map, guaranteeing the constitutional principle of separation of powers, the formation of Egypt’s most diversified Parliament in the country’s 150 years of parliamentary life, and the adoption of the 2030 Vision for sustainable development. He also highlighted the country’s efforts in ensuring and protecting human rights of the Egyptian People, respect for the rule of law, and embracing a wide ranged agenda for political, economic and social reform.

It was emphasized that combatting terrorism effectively requires applying a comprehensive approach, not only through military means, but rather through embracing an anti terrorism narrative and introducing reforms in the religious discourse. President El Sisi pointed out Egypt’s efforts and achievements in this regard.

The meeting highlighted the importance of enhancing the strategic relations between Egypt and the United States of America in order to face mutual challenges, and affirmed the indispensable role Egypt and the United States could play together as a cornerstone for stability and peace in the Middle East region, particularly in resolving the crises in Libya, Syria, and in support of the Middle East Peace Process.