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Foreign Minister Shoukry & Ambassador Reda host event with World Affairs Council

On Monday 8 February, Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry and Ambassador Yasser Reda hosted an event at the Embassy of Egypt in Washington, DC alongside the World Affairs Council. The gathering brought together key business leaders, and featured keynote remarks from Minister Shoukry on Egypt’s leadership and progress.

World Affairs Council President and CEO of the Tony Culley-Foster opened the event with brief remarks highlighting Egypt’s role as a key U.S. ally and the important role Minister Shoukry has played in supporting and advancing that position. Ambassador Reda followed by expressing gratitude to the World Affairs Council for its longstanding support for Egypt and formally welcomed and introduced Foreign Minister Shoukry.

In his opening remarks, Minister Shoukry reaffirmed Egypt’s commitment to the United States and the value it attaches to all levels—political, economic and military—of the bilateral relationship. In particular, he emphasized the importance of the Egypt-U.S. security partnership and called for the continuation and strengthening of political and military cooperation in an effort to combat the growing threat of terrorism.

Minister Shoukry discussed growing instability in the region, noting Egypt’s active role in the coalition against ISIS as well as its ongoing efforts to diffuse conflict and achieve durable political solutions in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Palestine. He further underscored Egypt’s resolve to root out the threat of terrorism within its own borders through enhanced military and security measures and efforts to confront the ideological roots of terrorism and violence.

Minister Shoukry also discussed Egypt’s democratic progress, including the recent and historic election of a new Parliament, which celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2016. He noted that the newly-formed Parliament demonstrates Egypt’s commitment to maintaining processes of reform and promoting greater inclusivity and participation in the political arena. Finally, Minister Shoukry spoke to the strength and resilience of the Egyptian people over the past five years and the promise that Egypt holds as it continues down its path of democracy and economic prosperity.

To close the event, World Affairs Council chairwoman Edie Fraser presented Minister Shoukry with an award in recognition of his outstanding leadership commitment to global education and international affairs.

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